The Fairness of GO Transit Fares

Here at Impact Infrastructure we are in the process of testing our new Business Case Evaluator (BCE) for Transit. In that spirit, we decided to do a short analysis of the cost of riding GO transit versus the cost of driving in order to demonstrate some of the financial benefits of public transit. We compared the cost of an adult […]

Mississauga Stormwater Charge: Incentive for Low Impact Development

The City of Mississauga is set to implement a stormwater charge which will be integrated into the Region of Peel water bill. AutoCase for stormwater now has Canadian data and so I use AutoCASE to run a cost benefit analysis for an example Mississauga green infrastructure project to see how Mississauga, the environment and society will benefit. The benefit from […]

Positive, Zero or Declining

Sustainability means meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Infrastructure decisions can involve future generations and so the question this post addresses is should we weight their needs the same as ours? Doing so implies using a discount rate of zero. There is an ongoing debate amongst economists over […]