The Rental and Occupancy Benefits of Sustainable Buildings

In a previous post, I discussed how in Autocase for Sustainable Buildings, we would be quantifying how sustainable buildings rents and occupancy are higher than non-certified buildings. Autocase for Sustainable Buildings (coming in beta at Greenbuild this week) has used information from three studies of almost 17,000 buildings (LEED and Energy Star or their comparators). We have recently found a summary (“Studies of Price Effects of […]

​The Social Value of Water (Part 2 – All Water)

How valuable is water? That depends on where you are. “Water is both essential and versatile. It is critical to human and ecosystem health, necessary in many industrial processes, indispensable in food and energy production, an important vehicle for disposing of wastes, and integral to many forms of recreation.” – The Marginal Economic Value of Streamflow From National Forests by […]

​The Social Value of Water (Part 1 – Groundwater)

As water issues continue to take a backseat to climate change, new research finds groundwater depletion is causing parts of Beijing to sink by 11 centimeters (more than four inches) per year (1). This is not a unique phenomenon, Mexico City is sinking by as much as 28 centimeters per year. Our current water demands are placing huge demands on […]

Conference Papers and Presentations

Interested in Green Infrastructure, Low Impact Development, Stormwater Best Management Practice, or Green Buildings? Here are some resources … It has been a busy few months on the pre-summer conference scene and I’ve pulled together a collection of papers and presentations from Impact Infrastructure: Presentation to a workshop at the International Symposium on Sustainable Systems and Technology – ISSST 2016 […]

Green infrastructure – Get It While You Can

Here’s a tip about a great resource that may be disappearing. Researching green stormwater management I found a site with lots of useful information. Apart from good information on forests, green infrastructure, ecosystem services and stormwater management, it has some interesting information on development. “We often hear that new homes means more revenue in taxes, but this isn’t true. Residential […]

Building Agricultural Green Infrastructure

“Canada’s aging infrastructure has and will increasingly fail in part due to the increased strain from the loss of green infrastructure …The retention, creation and enhancement of natural infrastructure is an important component of any strategy to mitigate … increasingly severe economic and environmental problems.” Our friends at ALUS have published a submission to the Canadian government regarding its Green […]

Monetizing the Value of Resiliency

Steph Larocque (ii’s COO) and I had an article published in the Sustainability (May 2016) issue of APWA Reporter (“Monetizing the value of resiliency”, May 2016, p. 56. On the cover: Mission Creek Park, San Francisco (photo by John C. Parker) Here is a link to the article. You can also download the entire issue from the APWA Reporter website.

Workshop on Harmonization of Sustainability Decision Frameworks

Next week I’ll be participating in a workshop to explore harmonization of value-based Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) methodologies for use in sustainability decision-making. The workshop is to be held Monday, May 16. 2016, 7:30 am to noon in conjunction with the ISSST Conference, Phoenix, Arizona. I think we can all agree this is a truly green and sustainable car – […]

I Got My Feet Wet Today

I got my feet wet today. Cycling through the Don Valley to work today the trail was flooded. The obvious cause was the thunderstorm we had last night. The less obvious reason is that we have constrained the Don River and stopped it from going where it wants. By stopping it naturally flooding in one area, it floods somewhere else. […]