On June 1st 2017, the news was that “383 US Climate Mayors commit to adopt, honor and uphold Paris Climate Agreement goals”. These mayors represent 68 million Americans. Here is but one example. The Pima County Board of Supervisors adopted resolutions “which state that County government will align its operational efforts to meet the United States’ commitment to the Paris Agreement on […]

This I had heard before: 30% of global greenhouse gases are attributable to buildings. This one I hadn’t: 50% of solid waste in the U.S. is produced by the construction industry.  Today I attended the Canadian Construction Innovations (CCI) Conference 2017: Construction on the Precipice of Massive Change . Here are some notes. Smart Cities – Peak Hype? Jesse Devitte […]

We were delighted to have Martin Wong working for us this summer. Martin is enrolled in the Master of Science in Sustainability Management (MScSM) program at the University of Toronto. The program (Infographic) focuses on the integration of science and business through the lens of sustainability. This fits rather neatly with what we do here at Autocase. Martin, with a […]

The Autocase development team have been sequestered in the Toronto conference room all this week. In case anyone is missing an Autocase team loved one they are safe in the Fashion Building at 130 Spadina Ave., Suite 501, Toronto. Apart from occasional sightings from others dropping by to add their expertise, they have been missing for a week. The team is sustained […]

Join this webinar to learn from our experienced panelists.  REGISTER HERE  Civil engineers and site planners are increasingly confronted with too much or too little water. Municipalities and water authorities are seeking new Low Impact Development (LID) techniques to prevent flooding and contamination by capturing and reusing water onsite. But if these new techniques cost more, how can the near-term […]

ASCE – The American Society of Civil Engineers – has released its 2017 Infrastructure Report Card. America’s infrastructure scores a D+[1]. The ASCE wants to make America’s infrastructure great again. The ASCE does the ranking based on 8 criteria: Capacity; Condition; Funding; Future Need; Operation and Maintenance; Public Safety; Resilience; and Innovation. How would the ASCE handle a case where Capacity […]

The ROI for Green Buildings

Autocase for Sustainable Buildings launched at Greenbuild last week. “Can a green building make your company smarter? That’s what new research suggests, underscoring the ROI for green certifications — not just for optimizing the usual factors such as energy and water use, but for elevating workforce productivity. … To that end, a new web-based tool called Autocase for Sustainable Buildings promises to simplify […]

Limited Time Offer – Autocase for Sustainable Buildings

From October 4-11th with every purchase of an annual Autocase license, our expert team of economists will provide the free consulting required for one of your projects to earn the new LEED pilot credit “Informing Design Using Triple Bottom Line Analysis.” This limited time offer is in addition to the 10 hours of live training and consulting that each annual […]

Learn How to Earn the New LEED Pilot Credit

As we mentioned in our last post, the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) has approved a new Pilot Credit – Informing Design Using Triple Bottom Line Analysis – for projects seeking certification under the LEED Green Building Rating System™. A distinctive feature of this pilot credit is the requirement of conducting a benefit-cost analysis (BCA). The new LEED pilot credit […]

What’s In … Autocase for sites

We cover a lot of ground in Autocase for sites. Here’s what is included: Feature Type Feature Storage Rain Barrel Cistern Roads & Streets Porous Asphalt Interlocking Porous Concrete Paver Grass Block Paver/Grasscrete Porous Concrete Road (Asphalt) Driveways (Asphalt) Sidewalk (Concrete) Parking Lot (Asphalt) Other Asphalt Other Concrete Retention/Detention Bioretention/Rain Garden Constructed Wetland Retention Pond Dry Detention Pond Water Conveyance […]