​Prioritizing ESG and Impact Investments for Sustainable Public Infrastructure Projects

Competing for Resources The OECD estimates USD 53 trillion in investment or the equivalent of an annual 2.5% of global GDP by the year 2030, to meet demand for infrastructure investment by 2030. [1] According to ACEC, a $3.6 trillion investment is needed by the year 2020 in the U.S., alone [2] and the Conference Board of Canada recently stated […]

Monetizing the Value of Resiliency

Steph Larocque (ii’s COO) and I had an article published in the Sustainability (May 2016) issue of APWA Reporter (“Monetizing the value of resiliency”, May 2016, p. 56. On the cover: Mission Creek Park, San Francisco (photo by John C. Parker) Here is a link to the article. You can also download the entire issue from the APWA Reporter website.

Workshop on Harmonization of Sustainability Decision Frameworks

Next week I’ll be participating in a workshop to explore harmonization of value-based Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA) methodologies for use in sustainability decision-making. The workshop is to be held Monday, May 16. 2016, 7:30 am to noon in conjunction with the ISSST Conference, Phoenix, Arizona. I think we can all agree this is a truly green and sustainable car – […]

I Got My Feet Wet Today

I got my feet wet today. Cycling through the Don Valley to work today the trail was flooded. The obvious cause was the thunderstorm we had last night. The less obvious reason is that we have constrained the Don River and stopped it from going where it wants. By stopping it naturally flooding in one area, it floods somewhere else. […]

Spring is Sprung …

While some of us at Impact Infrastructure are a long way away from our University years the school year plays a big part in the company’s calendar. With Spring sprung, our student interns have flown the coop (we still have our co-op student though). Natalie making her final presentation on her work term at ii Xin (Natalie) Cheah was our […]

Monetizing the Value of Resiliency

Infrastructure. Everyone says it is crumbling. North American infrastructure has suffered from years of neglect and under-investment. While the U.S. economy is very slowly recovering, the Canadian economy is in an economic slump. Half of North America is calling for federal governments to spend big on infrastructure while the other half is worried about the deficits this will cause. And […]

Making Transit Reliability Benefits Accessible to Engineers

Ben Rommelaere will be presenting a paper at the ASCE International Conference on Transportation & Development (ICTD 2016 June 26-29 2016). The two of us wrote the paper and I’ll post a link to the published paper after the conference in July. In the meantime here is the abstract and summary. Abstract – Advances in measuring the intangible costs and […]

Striving for Standards in Sustainability

Spring is Sprung and Flowers are Popping Up Everywhere In May I’ll be attending a workshop to explore harmonization of methodologies to assess the environmental, social and economic impacts of an investment. Hosted by Lise Laurin, CEO, of EarthShift Global, LLC, Lise has been trying for several years to gather decision makers and pioneers in the areas of value-based Sustainable […]

Agriculture: Time to Think Urban

In a recent blog post we posed the question of what’s a park worth? In general, the answer is that it depends on whom you ask. Here at Impact Infrastructure we have used AutoCASE to provide a monetized answer to that question a couple times, see here and here. Let’s extend the hypothetical question to another public asset, undeveloped public […]

What Toronto’s green roofs are doing for you, in one map

Toronto’s greenroofs can have a sizeable impact on the air quality in the city. Green roofs are like building a park over your entire city – or at the very least it would have similar impacts on air quality. Using AutoCASE, I’ve calculated the amount Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and other Criteria Air Contaminants (CACs) sequestered by Toronto’s planned and completed […]