The presentation of research into permeable pavement using Autocase marked the end of Kirstin Richie’s work with us. Kirstin is a PhD Candidate at the University of Toronto. We were sorry to see her go but happy to see her work presented. “The Costs and Benefits of Permeable Pavement at the Neighbourhood Scale – Using Autocase for Sites” was presented […]

We were happy to see our partners at Barr Engineering Co. along with Capitol Region Watershed District and the city of St. Paul, Minnesota publish an article about an Autocase for Sites project in St. Paul. “The site of a former Ford Motor Company plant along the Mississippi River in St. Paul, Minnesota, United States, offers a prime location for […]

Funding Public Private Partnerships (PPP’s) share the same challenges, whether it’s China or here in North America. Small projects need to be aggregated to reach the scale required for PPP’s. Large projects struggle to convey that the benefits of outweigh their hefty price tags. “China’s Sponge City Plan (SCP) is estimated to cost $1.5 Trillion (USD) for 657 cities. “China’s SCP […]

  Autocase, Autodesk – What’s the relationship? by Terry Bennett, Autodesk and Emma Stewart, Impact Infrastructure, developers of Autocase Occasionally, we get the question….“Autocase…is this an Autodesk product? We can see how the association might be made, but Autocase is a separate solution from a different company. The brand name, “Autocase”, comes from the mission to “automate the business case […]