In July, our Chief BD Officer, Emma Stewart, along with sustainability experts from the City of San Francisco and SFO, spoke at GreenerBuilder 2017, attended by over 300 from the design community, of which 42% were LEED AP professionals. Below are a few photos, sounds bites and a synopsis of her comments. Why Green Buildings Suffer from a “Fruit Salad […]

The ROI for Green Buildings

Autocase for Sustainable Buildings launched at Greenbuild last week. “Can a green building make your company smarter? That’s what new research suggests, underscoring the ROI for green certifications — not just for optimizing the usual factors such as energy and water use, but for elevating workforce productivity. … To that end, a new web-based tool called Autocase for Sustainable Buildings promises to simplify […]

The Rental and Occupancy Benefits of Sustainable Buildings

In a previous post, I discussed how in Autocase for Sustainable Buildings, we would be quantifying how sustainable buildings rents and occupancy are higher than non-certified buildings. Autocase for Sustainable Buildings (coming in beta at Greenbuild this week) has used information from three studies of almost 17,000 buildings (LEED and Energy Star or their comparators). We have recently found a summary (“Studies of Price Effects of […]

New LEED Pilot Credit for TBL Analysis

We’re very pleased to announce that the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) has approved a new Pilot Credit – Informing Design Using Triple Bottom Line Analysis – for projects seeking certification under the LEED Green Building Rating System™.  The intent of this pilot credit is to demonstrate the monetized triple bottom line (TBL) i.e. financial, social, and environmental value of […]