We recently wrote about the growing number of climate attribution studies. This summer devastating wildfires are in the news in North America, heat waves are wildfires are also occurring in Europe. In a BBC news report of another climate attribution paper extreme heat waves are now being related to climate change: “The researchers found that in the weather stations in the Netherlands, […]

Climate attribution scientists using “fingerprint studies” are now able to detect man-made climate change. Not so long ago, this kind of analysis would have been impossible but climate scientists are now able to separate out the natural from the man-made influence. Cities face downgrades from credit rating agencies if they are not deemed resilient to climate change. They are also increasingly […]

Back in 2015, it came to our attention that Moody’s had evaluated the effect of flood reduction efforts on municipal debt levels and tax bases in Virginia’s Hampton Roads metropolitan region. Moody’s Investors Service noted that “Coastal cities in southeastern Virginia’s Hampton Roads region are becoming more vulnerable to flooding risk caused by weather-related and tidal flooding, and will require […]