Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA) provides infrastructure decision-makers with information on what to build, how to design, build, and finance a project and how to prioritize when funds are scarce. What more could we ask from this over 100-year old tool? As we rush headlong towards possible infrastructure asset sales, public private partnerships, tax credit incentives, and other get-someone-rich-quick schemes we […]

A guide to making infrastructure decisions impartially, rationally, and sensibly. A colleague recommended a Brooking Institution paper and it is a great read. Here are some extracts (emphasis and formatting added) from a recent (February 2017) paper from The Hamilton Project at the Brookings Institution: If you build it: A guide to the economics of infrastructure investment By Diane Whitmore Schanzenbach, Ryan Nunn, and Greg Nantz. America’s infrastructure […]

Margaret Wente (Trudeau’s climate ‘deal’: all pain, no gain – Globe and Mail Dec. 13) says of the planned carbon tax and cap-and-trade schemes that “No cost-benefit analysis has been provided, or ever will be …”. Perhaps because it is such a no-brainer. Using data from Environment Canada on the social cost of carbon, Canada’s predicted emissions, and our emissions […]

I’d like to claim that after we wrote about the need for an infrastructure bank in Canada last week, Dominic Barton consulted with us to come up with a “blueprint for Canada’s economic future”[1] and that he took our recommendation to build “a national arm’s-length infrastructure bank.”[2] But he didn’t. Maybe he reads our blog and was convinced by our […]

Canada needs an infrastructure bank. Not necessarily to give more, or cheaper, funds to provinces and municipal infrastructure owners/proposers but because we need to ensure the highest priority projects are built right. We need the infrastructure bank to bring an objective process that monetizes all of the costs and benefits of proposed projects. If we can add risk assessment into […]

New LEED Pilot Credit for TBL Analysis

We’re very pleased to announce that the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) has approved a new Pilot Credit – Informing Design Using Triple Bottom Line Analysis – for projects seeking certification under the LEED Green Building Rating System™.  The intent of this pilot credit is to demonstrate the monetized triple bottom line (TBL) i.e. financial, social, and environmental value of […]